Project Description

The Atlantic rain forest of south-east Brazil offers visiting birders a great introduction to neotropical birding with a range of different habitats together with a high amount of endemics. From the original Atlantic forest cover in the 17th century only approximately 6% remains, most of which is found in south-east Brazil with smaller portions in north-eastern Argentina and eastern Paraguay. The Serra do Mar (Mountains of the Sea) begin at sea level and rise up to approximately 2,400m, which incorporates a vast altitudinal range in a relatively short distance, providing suitable habitat for in excess of 500 bird species.

This booklet aims to provide birders with a field guide to the birds seen around Serra dos Tucanos Lodge and on the various excursions offered from the Lodge as per January 2008. The majority of the birds illustrated and described have already been recorded within the area. In notes through the text, most, if not all other species occurring in the State of Rio de Janeiro, are mentioned and described. Species occurring mainly at the coast are only mentioned, true seabirds like albatrosses are omitted. We follow the South American Classification Committee of the American Ornithologists’ Union in species names but not in the sequence of species, so that on the plates in many cases birds are put together, that can be found in similar habitats and/or resemble each other, making identification in the field easier.

Serra dos Tucanos Lodge is situated in the 46,000 ha Tres Picos State Park and provides birders with comfortable accommodation together with a range of guided birding excursions (see map after plate 49). For further information please visit the website.

Ber van Perlo & Andy Foster

Cover with logo of the lodge. This bird, the Spot-billed Tucanet, is regularly seen on the grounds
Inside the booklet, which is actually a field guide for the surroundings and the excursions from the lodge

The star indicates where the lodge is situated
The lodge amidst the hills in the heart of the Atlantic rain forest
Andy and Ber discussing the booklet