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Eastern Africa is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people who want to see first-hand the abundant widlife of this vast continent. ‘Birds of Eastern Africa’ is the only field guide to feature over 450 species found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia (including Socotra Island). Including full colour illustrations of each bird, key features on habitat, songs and calls, and distribution maps for each species, this guide contains all the information needed to quickly identify the birds found in this vast region. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, this book is a must for all those visiting the region.

HarperCollins Edition
Princeton University Press Edition
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Date: 2009
Pages: 304 pages

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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In this, my first field guide, I arranged the species partly overlapping each other. There was not enough space left for the distribution maps, so those had to be put at the end of the book

The distribution maps, compiled at a time when it was not so easy to find the necessary information
An illustration of “HARTLAUB’S TURACO” from the book - number 11 on plate 41

The “card” I made in 1982 after my first visit to Kenya as an identification aid for the difficult group of larks. I used it during my second visit in 1984
The larks in colour pencil as a plate for a complete field guide. I showed this to the publisher HarperCollins in 1987
The larks in gouache in the first publication of “Collins Illustrated Checklist, Birds of Eastern Africa (1995)”